Joseph has been an artist and creative professional for over 20 years. Mentoring and teaching about photography and art are his passion. He recently relocated to Eugene from Central Washington State. He has been called a renaissance man by too many of his friends. It may have to do with the fact that he has created more than just photography. From being a produce clerk for many years during his youth to working for design firms as a graphic designer to being an alfalfa farmer. Whether as a farm mechanic, to mastering artisan bread and pizza or building unique furniture. Not to mention being an exhibiting artist, mentor and teacher to many. He is a master at creating ideas. He currently is concentrating on creating beautiful lasting images and ideas with his unique eye, but you can ask, and he might just whip up his Korean short ribs.



ANNEXED ©2017 : We live at a time that photography is part of our everyday lives,
social media being a dominate force of this.
Annexation creates new images. my not having © of the full image,
I make something new. A whispered memory in a dream.

In law and government, appropriation
(from Latin appropriate, “to make one’s own”, later “to set aside”)
is the act of setting apart something for its application to a
particular usage, to the exclusion of all other uses.

By that, a new image is born.

GRANT : Grant County, the largest county in Washington State, known for its vast agricultural land. Fed by Banks Lake Reservoir, which was created by the building of the Grand Coulee Dam. The Columbia Basin Project provides a significant percentage of farms with the water needed to grow a variety of products. Being a place with massive space, dry lands, scabland and lush growth, this is an exploration of the people and the land.

Fresh : Shot the last week of Freshman year, Fresh explores the dichotomy of place, space, and persona. Each year begins Tabula Rasa, When entering the student personas come out, their space develops, the student develops more independent and comforts are explored. Knowing the room soon will be empty, students will come and go, these images capture the future of unknown.

In Blood : The Bloodline is a proud fact of most families. The tree of life is grown, DNA is spread across generations. Bloodlines can be interrupted due to marriage, divorce, adoption and death. This is a living Memento mori.

Live : What happens when you are gifted with a full access pass to Sasquatch Music Festival.

Portraits : Image Archive of Portraits. Experimental, Film, Digital. For Friends, Clients, and barter.

Family Portraits : Image Archive of Family Portraits Created during last 5 years.

Archive : Image Archive, Holga Images, That funny image making device in our pocket, and project exploration.


Champion Paper: Design, Art Direction, Conceptual Development. Print Paper Samples, Testing limits of paper, with choice images, spot colors, spot varnish, pushing of production skills. Made while a Team Member at Jager Di Paola Kemp Design 1999-2002

Champion Paper :TRUST: Design, Art Direction, Conceptual Development. Print Paper Sample, Testing limits of paper, with choice images, spot colors, pushing of production skills. Made while a Team Member at Jager Di Paola Kemp Design 1999-2002

Vermont Youth Orchestra : Design, Photography, Creative Direction. Printed Mailers. Support of VYO’s new Identity, and new building.

Nantucket Film Festival : Design, Art Direction, Conceptual Development, In-house Consultant. Full Production of Festival Catalog. Made as freelance Designer / Art Director.

Amnesty International : Design, Conceptual Development, Print Production. Team Member Johnson + Wolverton 1997-1999

Branding Samples : Design, Art Direction, Creative Direction, Photography, Print Production, Brand Concept Development. Made as freelance Designer/Art Director, Team Member at J+W PDX 1997-1999 and Team member at Jager Di Paola Kemp Design 1999-2006